The Six Types Of Motivation

140 MotivationMotivation as defined by psychology refers to the process that initiates, maintains and guides a goal oriented behaviors. Motivation enables us to act from the smallest thing of getting a piece of paper up to reading and studying. Motivation also involves the emotional, biological, social and cognitive forces that help to activate our behavior.

Motivation is a broad topic or concept of psychology which mainly involves the behavior of the person or animal and how to induce them to act or behave. Motivation is divided into six types. The following paragraphs will discuss each of them.

Incentive is the first type of motivation. This type of motivation involves rewards that can be monetary or nonmonetary. This type of motivation best works in the workplace or organization wherein a person is expected to work or perform efficiently. Monetary incentives include bonuses and thirteenth month pay. Nonmonetary incentives include promotions and medical benefits.

The motivation that is usually referred as the drive to competency is called achievement motivation. People are usually driven to achieve certain goals and faces challenges. This type of motivation is intrinsic in nature and involves improving their own skills in order to prove competency to others. Although this type of motivation is intrinsic, there are circumstances wherein it can be extrinsic. For example, people usually desire to be recognized by other people like colleague or superiors. Awards are best example for this type of motivation.

Fear motivation is somewhat a negative type of motivation wherein it involves consequences or punishments. A person desires to achieve his goals to avoid punishments and consequences. In the workplace, this type of motivation may include demotion, lay-off or salary deduction. It would appear the same for a child who studies hard in order to avoid being scolded by the parents.

Power is another type of motivation that includes the desire for autonomy or desire to have control with others or things around us. Best example of this is politics and military. There are people who join this organization in order to have power over other people.

Growth motivation is the motivation used for self improvement which is considered as a form of internal motivation. It includes a string desire to increase your talents or to simply improve your skills and lifestyle.

The last type of motivation is the social motivation that is influenced by social factors. It includes the desire to be accepted by the society or by a certain group. People always wanted to be part of something that they want. Social motivation also involves following the norms and culture accepted by a certain society.

Remember that there is no single motivation that works for all people. Each person is unique and has his own personality. Most of the time, the motivation of a person depends on his or her personality, environment and behavior.

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How To Be A Good Motivational Speaker

042 Being a Motivational speakerBeing a motivational speaker is not just an ordinary task that can just be easily done. It requires a special skill because it is also for a special purpose which is to motivate people. It is a task that can be perfectly delivered with the right skills and knowledge.

The first thing that would boggle your mind if you are to deliver a motivational speech is what topic to talk about. To choose the right topic, identify first the type of audience you will be having. By doing this, you will be able to know what topic to dwell on and what message to convey. Having to convey the right message to the right people is essential in motivational speaking. You cannot motivate an individual who is not interested in what you are saying. Say, for example, you have teenage people as your audience and you are to deliver a motivational speech on their high school graduation. One of the topics you could be talking on this kind of event and this audience, for instance, is how they can be successful in the future by choosing the right career for them. You can talk about your own experiences, or site experiences of other known people or other people you know.

You should make your topic relevant and timely. As for the example given above, the topic on how to be successful by choosing the right career for you during a graduation ceremony is relevant and timely. Meaning, not only the audience can relate to what you are saying, but it also suits the event or the current situation. You can make it timely by citing current events as examples.

How to deliver your speech would also be determined by the type of audience you have. Different manners or ways of delivering a speech is required for different types of people. For instance, you will be talking to a bunch of teenagers. You could use jargons that are often used by teenagers so that you will have their attention on you. The key to have your audience give out their full attention on you is to make them feel like you are also one of them.

You should also ensure that the information you give out especially in your examples are correct. Do not just give out sensitive information or one that requires a lot of understanding and research especially if you have not done proper research on those. Remember that it is not just one person who will be listening to you. It is a group of people who would be making the wrong decisions or who will be having the wrong attitude if you they receive the wrong information.

If you are, however, still a little bit conscious on your skills as a speaker, do not fret because there are a lot of ways to fix that. There are a lot of classes in public speaking in which you could get yourself enrolled in. You can also practice at home and record your speech. Listen to your recording and identify what needs to be improved. Delivering a motivational speech is not that easy, but if you have the passion to inspire people, then you can absolutely do it.

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The People To Look Up To

207 Becoming your best selfBecoming your best self is changing your negative traits and using your positive traits for the general wellbeing of other people. Most of the time, we all need someone to look up to and inspire us in becoming your best self. Now, here is a list of people who are still alive and who still continue to make a mark in the lives of other people.


Liz Murray

At the age of three years old, Liz Murray became conscious that her parents were drug addicts. Her mother ran away at the age of seventeen years old and survived through working as a prostitute. Liz’s mother dated her father who was then her mother’s drug dealer. Liz had an older sister Lisa. Both the kids were aware of their parents’ drug addiction where both their parents stole thanksgiving money from their grandparents and sold their bikes for cocaine. Her mother also suffered from schizophrenia. Soon, her mother and father had fights that worsened and led to their separation. While their parents were fighting, the two girls locked themselves in their room. Lisa listened to music while Liz read her dad’s overdue books, which fuelled her interest in reading. After a while, she learned that her mother was suffering from AIDS. Her mother later died of AIDS and Tuberculosis.

Liz spent her life as a runaway. She lived in some of her friend’s house and most of the time in the streets. With her father off in a home shelter and her mother deceased, Liz was inspired to turn her life around. She looked for an alternative high school to finish her studies. Soon, she applied for a scholarship in Harvard. Liz graduated from Harvard University in 2009. Now, she is an award winning motivational speaker inspiring others to change for the better.


Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic was born without any arms and legs. He only has two small feed with two toes each. As a child, he was bullied because of his disability. He suffered depression at a very young age. Without any understanding why he had such disability, he wanted to commit suicide; however, he realized that dying will not be a solution to his problem. That is when he started giving talk at the age of 19. First, he struggled with getting people to accept him as a motivational speaker. Even with his disability, he remained persevered. Soon, people became more interested with his talks. Now, he is considered as the messenger of hope. He gives talks on not giving up, seeing the positive side, and having faith in our Creator. He continues to inspire people with his intellect, faith, humor, and positivism.

Liz Murray and Nick Vujicic are just two of the many people with inspiring life stories. The difficulties in their lives and the manner they faced these problems should encourage you in becoming your best self despite of life’s downfalls.

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How To Overcome Obesity To Be The Best You

One of the major health issues in the world is the increasing rate of obesity. Obesity is not only a health issue but also a lifestyle one. Some people become obese because of the consequences of certain diseases like diabetes and thyroid gland diseases. Most though, become obese because of their lifestyle choices. It is a combination of eating too much and not doing any physical activity. Obesity is evident in both children and adults. Obese children still have a lot of years ahead of them to change their lifestyle and have healthier eating habits and engage in physical activities. It is more difficult though for adults to do these. How to overcome obesity then is one of the questions that people all around the world is looking an answer for.

133 How to over come Obesity

Aside from the physical health risks that obesity poses, there are some psychological health problems associated with it. Obesity can develop depression among people. Most obese people have lower self-esteem and self-confidence levels. They become insecure because of their weight and size. Some of them do not go out of their houses for fear of being ridiculed and insulted by others. They develop social stigmas and avoid public places. They spend most of their lives at home, watching TV and eating more and more which do not solve the problem and actually make it worse. So how do you overcome these situations? Here are some ways on how to overcome obesity.


1. Take the Proper Diet

Ditch the junk, oily and fatty foods. Eat those foods which contain the nutrients your body needs like lean meat, fruits and vegetables. Eat small portions of food but eat more frequently. Do not ever skip breakfast and have plenty of water.


2. Exercise Regularly

Get your body to do some physical activity. When you sweat, you get rid of a lot of toxins in your body. Also, doing some cardio workouts will reduce your chances of having heart diseases. It will be a good way to lose the fats you want to get rid of.


3. Love Yourself

This is maybe the most important of all. Loving yourself entails being the best you and you are not the best version of yourself if you are not confident of whom you are. Change is not something you should be afraid of. Instead, you should welcome it with open hands. If changing your lifestyle will get you to be your best, then do it and stick to your decision until the end.

You will never overcome obesity if you do not want to change. Having a positive attitude while you are undergoing these changes will also help you reach your goal.

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Ways On How To Overcome Your Addiction

038 How to Over come AddictionOvercoming addiction will depend on the type of addiction you have. Each addiction has its own method to treat and cope with it. But overcoming addiction is not easy. It requires commitment and dedication. If you are not committed and have the desire to change, you will never overcome your addiction. But let me teach you some basic steps on how to overcome addiction?  There are addictions that require medical attention but there are addictions that can be treated without the help of medical remedies. Like for example if you are addicted to sodas, you don’t need medical help to overcome that addiction. Another addiction would be eating sweets. You don’t need medical help to overcome that unless you have developed serious illness like diabetes. We may also have habits that are disturbing like eating exotic food. Or, you are addicted with fast-food. These are the types of addiction that don’t require medical help. But, what are the addictions that will require medical help?

The addictions that will require medical help are: addiction to drugs, addiction to alcoholic drinks, addiction to women (sex), and addiction to cigarettes. These kinds of addictions can affect your health big time. This will not only affect your health but also your life, your relationships with other people, your relationship with your family especially if you have kids, and also your work. Now, how would you overcome these addictions? The very first thing that you need to do is to recognize that you have a problem and you need help. If you don’t recognize that you have a problem, you will never overcome the addiction you have. Recognize that you have a problem will open the door for help. This will lower your pride and ego and will develop willingness to be treated. After recognizing that you have problem, you need to see a medical specialist. Medical specialist will then run some test and assessments to determine the cause of your addiction. After running some tests, once the result has been given, your doctor will then give you an advice on what needs to be done.

They may prescribe some medication that you need to take to treat your cravings, may conduct some rehab session, and you also need to go for follow-up checkups to monitor your progression. This may take some time but if you are committed, you will be able to achieve your new and healthier life. Hopefully, this will be the start of your new life and stay away from things that could temp you again. Change your friends.

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How To Imply Self Discipline To Your Kids

006 Self DiciplineSelf discipline is one of the hardest things that each individual could develop and master. This is because of the fact that we also have our own weaknesses that make us vulnerable to making mistakes. But the good news is we develop self discipline within us and be able to conquer our weaknesses. But self discipline should be practice and develop during the childhood stage. This is one of the most important things that your children should have if you don’t want to have problems with them as they grow-up. As parents, it’s your responsibility to train your children on how to develop self discipline. Here are my tips on how to effectively implement self discipline on your children.


Set House Rules

In your house there should be house rules. House rules would help teach your children know the dos and don’ts. House rules should be implemented during their childhood stage so they could adapt to it as they grow-up. But of course children could be clumsy most of the time and they may break of destroy some of your decorations, that’s why patience is also required in this process.


Give Punishment & Rewards

You can also start giving punishments and rewards so that your children would know the consequence of their actions. Most children don’t like to be punished that’s why they would learn their lesson after they get the punishment. They would realize that what they did was wrong. Same goes with rewards. If they have done something good, don’t hesitate to give them rewards because they deserve it.


Give Responsibility/Assignments

Another thing that would make your children develop self discipline is by giving them responsibilities or assignments. Like for example; let them fix their own bed every morning after they get-off their beds. Assign someone to wash the dishes and water the plants. Simple responsibilities would make them realize that they have a part in that house.


Conduct A Personal Interview With Your Kids

This is not very common but I think this an effective way to talk to your kids about everything. It’s up to you how often you will do this or when to do this as long as you are doing it. Conducting personal interview with your kids will help you know their whereabouts. You will also know if they have problems that you may not be aware of. This is also the best time for teaching moment. You can explain to them why they need to be punished when they do something bad or wrong.

I’m sure that not all parents are doing this that’s why there are high number of kids who don’t have bad manners and causes trouble to their family.

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Finding Hope In This Chaotic Life

136 Finding HopeIn your life, was there a time that you have experienced hardships and trials that almost made you give-up? All of us have problems and struggles that we face every day. But there is that one time that we were tested that almost made us lose our hope and give-up. This is also the reason why other people are committing suicide because they have lose their hope and was not able to bear the trials that they are encountering on that very moment. But we were taught that trials are given to us to mold us and make us a better person and that experience will teach us lesson and may strengthen us in all aspects of life.

Now, for us to survive in this life, we need to know where to find hope. If we don’t have hope in our life, it is impossible for us to survive this life especially if we are going through rough time. But where do we find this hope and whom we should have our hope? If you are a religious, you will know where to give your hope and what to hope for. If we center our hope to the Savior, even Jesus Christ, we will have a brighter future and we will strive to do better in this life because we know that there is something that awaits us in the future. The gospel of Christ gives us hope in this life. It teaches us that there is something good that awaits us in the future if we were able to surpass the challenges that we are going through. It is also written in the bible that after we surpass the trials there will always be blessings. All we need to do is to stay strong and hopeful and before you know it, you are strong enough to face any challenges that life has to offer.

Finding hope also mean being positive on the way we deal with life’s challenges. If we are discouraged, try to think of the positive things and look for solutions instead of thinking of the problem. Sometimes we may not get what we want and we may feel discourage but there is always a reason behind why it wasn’t given to us. Maybe, there is a better thing that is prepared for you. That’s why there is no reason for us to lose hope because there is always something better in the future if we just hold on.

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Finding A Role Model For Your Kids: Be The Role Model In Your Own Home

059 Finding a Role ModelMost parents are having a hard time finding a role model for their kids, but what this most parents don’t realize that if there is one person that can be the best role model for their kids it will be them! Parents should be the role model in their own home. This is for the parents who don’t really give much attention to their children because they are too busy with work or business. Don’t you know that most of the time your children look up to you and would always follow what you’re doing especially when they are still young? Most children would start to rebel to their parents when they reach the age of a teenager.

Because most teenager are very observant and they already understand what’s going on around them So, if they notice that their parents is not always around for them, that’s the time that they will do some stupid things to get their attention. This is where their rebellion starts. That’s why for most parents who don’t give more time to their children, you need to change that. Your children need you and your time. They need your love, care, and even advices when they have problems. Children would always look up to their parents and see them as example or role model. So, if parents are not doing exactly what they need to do as parents, it will affect their children as they grow older. Like for example if parents don’t have much time for their children, it will be hard for their children to trust them. Their children will spend more time with their friends than at home since they know that their parents were not there.

Parents need to understand that children will always look at them as role model and most children would expect so much from their parents. Like for example in most cases, if parents are successful with their career or business, children will have that desire to be like them too. They will also strive hard to achieve what their parents have achieved. But sad to say that there are parents that are also abusive, you may have heard children that are abused in different aspects. This is also one of the top reasons why there are children who commit suicide. That’s why if you are a parent, do the best you can to support, love, care, and give as much time to your children no matter busy you are.

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The Difference Of Motivation From Within

137 MotivationThere are various ways in which you can get motivation to make the most out of life. Nevertheless, none of these can ever guarantee you to work best most especially when you doubt your own self. You really need to focus from within before you can finally get all sort help from the people on the outside. To begin with, you need to believe in the ability that you have. You can’t just let others affect your self worth because at the end of the day, how you view yourself matters the most. Other’s opinion can only work as background music but they can never define who you are.

Furthermore, you also need to make sure that you forgive yourself to every single mistake that you make. In most cases, it is easier for you to forgive other people but never yourself. This is indeed the best time for you to forgive yourself and just focus on the good. You really need to be gentle to yourself with the words that you speak and the manner on how you treat yourself. If there cases that you can’t just achieve something that you really like then there is no need for you to be harsh unto yourself instead you need to motivate yourself to just keep on trying and if you have done all that you could but still can’t get the result then this might be the best time for you to try other things.

Another thing that you need to remember is to always find time to see good in you. Whenever you feel bad about something you need to comfort yourself and just push yourself to keep on trying. You should never let yourself have reasons to quit because what matters the most is the fact that you keep on trying no matter what. It is important that you also be with people that appreciate you. In this way you can lift your spirit no matter what.

Lastly, you need to bear in mind that all of these things can only take place when you are willing enough to put your whole heart unto it. You can’t just let things be as they are when you know for a fact that there is something that you can still do about it. Truly, it is by keeping yourself motivated that you can find success in this life. It may never be that easy but surely it will be all worth it.

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The Many Rewards Of Being A Motivational Speaker

There are a great deal of opportunities and benefits to being a motivational speaker. This is a position that allows an individual to reach out to millions of people with varying backgrounds and ages. Motivational speakers are utilized in schools, conferences, and corporate meetings, just to name a few. This is a rewarding path to follow to touch the lives of many while encouraging others to make positive changes and transform lives for the better. Motivational speakers can give others a new perspective on life and inspire individuals to follow their dreams, set goals, and achieve personal greatness through the power of words.

Choosing to be a motivational speaker is prominently a self made career that allows the speakers to be their own boss. This provides a great deal of freedom in travel, picking and choosing venues, and great financial benefits. Speakers can charge hundreds to thousands of dollars per event depending on the size and location of each occasion. Although, the greatest reward remains the speaker’s ability to transform most of the audience views from relative negativity to a more positive outlook, and drive for a better life. Speakers begin with a platform to build from to consistently communicate to large audiences effectively and emphatically.

Motivational speaking is a growing field. Many companies successfully utilize motivational speakers to deal with the growing concerns in the economy while inspiring workers to focus on the tasks at hand in the workplace. Schools are commonly using motivational speakers to keep children focused to stay away from negative influences and pursue further education with leadership qualities. Motivational speaking is a career path that is rewarding in several ways to the speaker and the audience. People often need positive reinforcement from motivational speakers to push them to their next level or accomplish dreams they have forgotten along the path of life.

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Learn How To Over Come Addiction

There are many different types of addiction, but overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol is something that can be an extremely difficult struggle. This is why it is so important to find the right type of help so that you can overcome your addiction. Anyone who is interested in learning how to over come addiction should first evaluate what type of addiction they have and make a commitment to get the help they need. Whether you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, there are treatment programs that can be very effective; however, it is important to understand that not all treatment facilities treat all types of addictions.

In addition to finding the right type of treatment center, it is important to find a program that will be effective for your personal situation. There are many different approaches to addiction recovery, so choosing the right one is important. For example, if you are interested in a secular addiction recovery program, this is an important factor to keep in mind as you research various facilities. Some treatment programs use spiritual or religious based programs, but others offer a secular approach to recovery. Whatever your particular views, finding a program that meets your needs typically involves a program that you will be able to accept completely.

Many times addicts think that they can simply stop on their own without any help. This is a big mistake because it generally prolongs successful recovery. Overcoming any type addiction typically requires professional help as well as a strong support system. Whether this support comes in the form of a family that will stand behind you and help you through the process or you must rely on the help of group counseling sessions and the experienced staff at the treatment center, it is possible to successfully overcome an addiction, especially with the right type of treatment facility and program.

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Three Common Sense Tips Revisited: How To Overcome Obesity

For many people, obesity is an issue they struggle with each and every day of their lives. It is all too easy to become discouraged and give up the fight. However, there are many ways to overcome obesity, and it is important to remember while one method may work for one person, it may not work for you. If you are someone wondering how to over come obesity, these tips may be just what you need.

Set Realistic Goals

Start with small and easy to achieve goals when you first start out in your fight against obesity. This will boost your confidence level and make you feel like you are in control of your weight, rather than your weight controlling you.

Eating Well

Most people realize that diet is an integral part of losing weight, and the hCG diet is on that can help those that have reached a higher level of obesity. The key to a successful diet is one that encompasses a lifestyle change and not just a crash diet designed to get you excited about quickly losing a few pounds, only to just as quickly gain them back again when the diet is stopped. Incorporating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables,lean meats, whole grains, watching your portion sizes and adequate water intake should be enough for most individuals to begin losing weight in a safe and healthy manner.


Exercise is also another common sense factor of losing weight. However, most people who struggle with obesity try to do too much before they are ready. Start small such as with a ten minute walk everyday. After a week, bump your time up to fifteen minutes and continue increasing your week’s walk in five minute increments until you can comfortably walk thirty to sixty minutes everyday. Then, you can begin aerobic or other exercise programs.

Losing weight is difficult and challenging, but by playing it smart you can be someone who knows how to over come obesity.

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Becoming Your Best Self Through Realistic Goals

A resounding echo of resolutions through the New Year proves that people want to be at the top of their game. Becoming your best self may involve improving your financial situation, losing weight, or learning a new skill set. Before you can climb that mountain, however, you need to know where you are going. A fundamental part of growth of any type is realistic goal setting.

Goals provide the direction for your efforts and give you a yardstick for measurements. Think of it like a vacation trip. You do not get in the car and start driving without making a plan for your destination. Goals are your destination. Goals might include things like losing 10 pounds, saving money for a down payment on your home, finishing your degree, getting a promotion at work or moving into another career.

Good goals meet three major criteria. First, the goal must be realistic, but challenging. This means that the goal is something that can be physically accomplished within the time period available. However, it should not be too easy, or you are not working to develop yourself. Consider a weight loss goal. Losing 10 pounds in two months can be a challenge, but is possible. Losing 2 pounds in the same time is not challenging at all for most people.

Goals should also be measurable. You can measure savings, weight loss, debt reduction and more. If you are trying to improve an area that cannot be counted or measured numerically, make your own scale. If you want to become more fashionable, rate your progress on a scale of “Fashionista,” “Keeping up Appearances,” “Average,” “Dowdy,” and “Call the Fashion Police!” Do not be afraid to make it fun.

Finally, goals should be written down. Record your goals and progress in a notebook or computer file in order to ensure you stay on target and achieve success.

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